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Rodent Control in Sewers & Drains
CPD Points to be Awarded


23rd September 2022

24th September 2022

Pillo Hotel Ashbourne

1 Day Course

Day 1

  • Reasons to control rats in sewers

  • Sewer Network and Drain Network

  • Internal design of sewers and drains systems

  • Legal definition of Sewer and Drain layout.

  • Health &Safety Risks of working on roadside

  • Health & Safety within confined spaces of Sewers and Drains

  • Safe systems of work

  • Pre Agreed Communications

  • Personal Hygiene (PPE)

  • Provision of ventilation

  • Provision of rescue harnesses

  • Signage and Lighting

  • Sewer Mapping

  • CCTV Surveys

City Workers Sewerage

Day 2

  • Rat behaviour in the sewer network

  • Rodenticides -Second generation anticoagulants

  • (Loose Grain Baits Bait versus Blocks)

  • Sewer Baiting Strategies

  • Test baiting manholes

  • Pro Active Baiting

  • Reactive baiting

  • Public Health issues. Public Perceptions

  • Importance of Sewer Baiting

  • Practical Demonstration and Examples

Expert Training includes:

Morning Tea/Coffee

Light lunch

Afternoon Tea/Coffee



NPTA Member Discount



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